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Recessed Light Installation

Recessed Light Installation


Installation service of a Recessed Can Light, choose from the many options that better apply to you. Attic access is required to install this type of can Light, but you can get a remodel type if not attic access. Also if recessed light is over a shower or any wet area then you need to get a vapor proof trim generally called shower trim.

  • Service Information

    SAVE Big when you Pay Online. Price is for Parts and Labor. You are buying an installation or replacement service for one 4 or 6in Recessed Light, that includes:

    -Installation of a new 4-6 inches recessed can light, in most of the cases we need to gain access to the attic above. If it is a new addition we will cut the ceiling to install the recessed light, after trim installation usually looks like nothing happened to your ceiling.


    -New Light will be wired from the existing closest fixture but between 8 feet apart. If pre-wired is needed then you need to get a Light pre-wire Installation at extra charge.


    -Test the new Light to make sure it works as it should be, but if for any reason it does not work or is missing parts, we will take it down and place it back in the box for you to return or exchange.

     Also, please move any furniture below or in front of the installation area, so we can have a least 6 feet clearance around the working area.

  • Cancellation & Refund Policy

    You can re-book or Cancel your installation service... Since what you are buying is a service you don't have to ship nothing back to us, we will make the Refund of you exact amount of money you paid ( may take up 2 weeks to process)  for the service, just follow the next 2 simple steps:

    1- Re-book or Cancel the service at least 48 Hours prior to your installation Date, Send us an email to, or contact us. Please include order number, your name, address, telephone number

    2- Wait until an agent responds to your request, which usually takes 24 hours. We may ask you if you want to reschedule your service or change your order, we will easily help you to set it up. Once your refund is approved, the refund can take up to 14 days to get back to the same credit card you used at check out.

  • Trip Charge

    What is a Trip Charge?

    Well, it's very simple, we need to get the service to you, just like when vendors send an item to your house via any postal carrier, but  in this case we Drive a Van with a technician to reach your home and deliver the installation service, this is called Trip charge. You have to pay a TRIP CHARGE only once per every order regardless of the number of services you bought.

    TRIP CHARGE is only $50 in the lowcountry area (No trip charger after you spend $500 in services)

    We are expanding the area of services, Please Contact us if you live  more than 30 miles so we can assist you to find if there is any service available in your area.

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