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Re-Schedule & Cancellations


 We do the best we can to put a technician on time at your property and perform the professional installation you ordered, however there are expenses to do this task, That's why we charge for Trip and it will help us to cover some of the next expenses:

  • Transportation for Technicians

  • Load Special tools, like big ladders

  • Pay toll and Plantation passes if any

There is a Flat Trip charge of $50 for every order regardless the number of services in you order for that visit. If for some reason the technician can't finish the installation that day, you don't have to pay Trip charge again unless the reason of why we quit the installation was no our fault, like missing parts in fixtures, can't access to an attic, bad weather, etc. In this case you will need to buy just the TRIP Service and we will come back to finish the installation in the next available date.


RE-Schedule Your Service

Yes, You can re-schedule your installation service up to 48 hours prior Installation date, just log in as member, go to my bookings  and follow re-schedule instructions.



... Since what you are buying is a service you don't have to ship nothing back to us, we will make the Refund of you exact amount of money you paid for the Installation service, but not for the booking service fee that is not refundable, just follow the next 2 simple steps:

1- Cancel your service Booking  at least 48 Hours prior your installation Date, or Send us a email to, or contact us. Please include order number, your name, address, telephone number

2- If you cancel from the booking Page, everything should be ready for refund. If you cancel via email, please  Wait until an agent respond to you request that usually takes 24 hours, we may ask you if want to re schedule your service or change your order, we will easily help you to set it up.


Once your refund is approved, refund can take up to 7 days to get back to the same credit card you used at check out.

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